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Aperçu ProduitsExtrait 6 de Biloba 24 de Ginkgo

Low Pesticide Residue Pure Ginkgo Extract For Pharmaceutical Raw Material

Low Pesticide Residue Pure Ginkgo Extract For Pharmaceutical Raw Material

Low Pesticide Residue Ginkgo Biloba 24 6 Extract For Pharmaceutical Raw Material
Low Pesticide Residue Ginkgo Biloba 24 6 Extract For Pharmaceutical Raw Material

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Détails sur le produit:

Lieu d'origine: La Chine
Nom de marque: CONBA
Certification: GMP, CEP, GEP(CCCMHPIE), Kosher, Halal, ISO9000, ISO14000.
Numéro de modèle: EP9.0

Conditions de paiement et expédition:

Quantité de commande min: 25KG
Détails d'emballage: Tambour 25kg
Description de produit détaillée
Type: Extrait de fines herbes Formulaire: Poudre
Partie: feuilles Durée de conservation: 3 années
Apparence: poudre jaune brune Nom latin: Biloba L. de Ginkgo.

ginkgo biloba leaf extract


ginkgo biloba extract powder

Low Pesticide Residue Pure Ginkgo Extract For Pharmaceutical Raw Material 0


CONBA® Ginkgo Biloba Extract: USP40 24/6 Ginkgo Acid<1ppm, EP9.0 24/6 Ginkgo Acid<1ppm, Water soluble 24/6 1g/10ml,

Injection solution GA>2.2% GB>1.2% GC>1.2%



Pure Ginkgo Extract​

CONBA owns the largest domestic Ginkgo leaves planting base, that are up to GACP standard.


The Harvesting of Ginkgo leaves Part 4


  • Optimal tree age for leaf harvesting
  • Optimal cultivation pattern
  • Optimal harvest time
  • Harvest conditions
  • Preparations in harvest time
  • Harvest method

Manually pick the leaves one by one, and put them into the baskets or bags that have been prepared in advance. Once the baskets or bags are full, deliver them to the concentrated container. At set intervals, send them to the prepared drying ground to spread them for drying. Do not scatter them on the ground or stack on the field temporally. The picking should be from up to down and from inside to outside batch by batch. All leaves should be picked in twice or three times.


  • Precautions in picking operation



Product Highlights

Solvent food grade ethanol.
Raw material The GACP ginkgo leaves are kept by CONBA planting base (16,000 acres).
Standardization of production The specialized Ginkgo extraction line is set up according to the CGMP requirements.
Advanced Extraction Technology e.g. low-acid ginkgo leaf extraction method, water-soluble ginkgo leaf extraction method
Quality control

Pure natural ginkgo biloba leaves.

A strict quality control system ensures high quality extracts.

Residues of pesticides, solvents and heavy metals comply with international standards.


Flavonol aglycone

Flavonol aglycone R1 R2 R3 R4
Kaempferol H H H H
Quercetin OH H H H
Isorhamnetin OCH3 H H H







Terpene lactones

Terpene lactones R1 R2
Ginkgolide A H H
Ginkgolide B OH H
Ginkgolide C OH OH





Ginkgo dry extract
Tests  Specifications
Characters  Bright yel1ow-brown,powder or friable mass
Identification  Thin-layer chromatography: The sequence of zones present in the   chromatograms obtained with the reference solution and the test solution   should conform to that of European Pharmacopeia
Loss on drying  Not more than 5.0%
Heavy metals  Not more than 20 ppm
Sulphated ash  Not more than 0.8%
Ratio of flavonoid glycoses peak areas

Quercetin: Kaempferol between 0.8-1.2


Isorharnnetin: Quercetin not less than 0.15

Residual pesticide  Total BHC: Not more than 0.2 ppm
 Total DDT: Not more than 0.2 ppm
 PCNB: Not more than 0.1 ppm
※Ethanol  Not more than 0.2%

Flavonoids,expressed as flavone glycosides: 22.0 to 27.0%; Bilobalide: 2.6 to 3.2%;

Sum of ginkgolides A,B and C: 2.8 to 3.4%;


Ginkgolic acids: maximum 5 ppm

Microbiological quality

TAMC: Not more than 800 CFU/g (In-house),Not more than

1000 CFU/g (COA)

TYMC: Not more than 80 CFU/g (In-house),Not more than100 CFU/g (COA)

Bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria: Not more than 100CFU/g

Escherichia coli: Absence per g

Salmonella: Absence per 25g


(Commission test)

Aflatoxin B1: Not more than 2 ug/kg

Sum of Aflatoxin Bl,B2,Gl and G2: Not more than 4 ug/kg


(Commission test)

 Ochratoxin A: not more than 20 ug/kg



Application Ginkgo leaf extract is used to improve mental performance, increase the pain-free walking distance in peripheral arterial occlusive disease, and for vertigo and tinnitus. Other indications include (age-associated) cognitive impairment and quality of life improvement in mild dementia. Ginkgo leaf extracts may help to prevent symptoms related to altitude sickness.
Auxiliary hypolipidemic
Relieve eye fatigue
Help improve memory
Skin care
Used for Cosmetics



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